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“WORD OF MOUTH CAMPAIGN INC.”(www.wordofmouthcampaign.orgis an online website devoted to spreading the word about small businesses that’s making a difference in their communities.  Can’t afford the money it takes to advertise your business?  Join the crusade to help spread the word about your business for FREE!   Sign up today and help us spread the word about your business. –

– Not a member of the one percent? Not a member of the Chamber of Commerce? Can’t afford or have the capital to start, create, grow, expand or promote your business? Still feel that the economic playing field is heavily tilted in favor of the rich? Wait no longer, “Word of Mouth Campaign Inc.,” is here to help.

“Word of Mouth Campaign Inc.,” which launched recently with one purpose in mind, help to spread the word about small businesses alike.  Often a great idea is overlooked, bypassed, and/or never truly develops because not enough people are aware of the business. Money certainly plays a role which disadvantages a lot of deserving people. No More!

The Word of Mouth Campaign Inc., is out to level the playing field with an old, tried but still true concept. People talking about a business and sharing that business with family, friends, co-workers and more to help promote targeted businesses until they are well on their way to becoming profitable and recognizable.

If a person has a good experience, knows a great deal, or knows anything positive going on in their area, they can put the word out on

“It was a good idea to launch a site which is dedicated to promoting small businesses, ideas and more.” He said, his initial thought was how to promote his businesses without having the advertising capital to do so and then the idea appeared out of the blue. He envisioned starting a campaign that would inform everyone by word of mouth and so, “Word of Mouth Campaign Inc.,” was born.

Some of the highlights of the website include:

* Free membership * Free promotion of business * Focusing on the positive * Supporting businesses with a strong, grassroots word of mouth campaign

While talking about the initiative to launch this website, The Founder of “Word of Mouth Campaign, Inc.” said that it is long overdue to have something like this to help those who are challenged financially, promote and market their business to the masses.  He says, word of mouth is still the most effective way to share your business along with tools like Facebook and Twitter. And with a concerted effort and creation of, it will remain an effective tool to spread the word.


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