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“Nuggets of Truth” a book that will change your life!

After years of swimming against the currents of life and living a life of limitation with self-inflicted wounds, created by my words and thoughts, completely unconscious of their power and the effects they had on my life, I asked myself the question, why me?  I said to myself, life isn’t supposed to be this way.  Not long afterwards, I was gradually guided down a path of self-discovery where I began to read book after book after book in the field of spiritual enlightenment that eventually led me to an awakened state of consciousness.  After this awakening, and knowing that many others also suffer from this lack of knowledge and exposure to the truth; living a life in darkness and not fully aware of the effects that words and thoughts have on our life; not knowing that what we give our attention to grows in our life; not knowing that to change our life, the conception we have of ourselves must change; I was inspired to share this newfound knowledge of truth with everyone.  I am confident that this message of truth will bring a change, forever, to those who are receptive and to those who make application of the ideas and principles in my book, “Nuggets of Truth.”  So allow me, to say, Thank you for purchasing my book, “Nuggets of Truth – Keys to Resurrection, Happiness and Power.”   This book will awaken within you a light of truth and lead you along a path that is gradually fulfilled according to the desires you hold firmly in mind.