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How To Get A Website at the Top of Google?

These days, several consumers own a website. It is all part of the dream for these consumers to be able to work from home and make enough cash in the process to support their families. With that said, the vast majority of people who own a website these days are new to website marketing, SEO and just about anything that has to do with making cash online. With that said, for the people who would like to make cash online, it is important that their sites are found on the first page of Google. Here are a few SEO techniques that are incredibly effective when it comes to getting a site to the first page of search engines!

Technique #1: Social Networking: By far, the best way that I have found for consumers to market their websites is through what is called social networking. This is based around the social network websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus that have become incredibly popular amongst Americans. Because social networking sites are so popular amongst consumers, when deciding website rankings, Google will look to social networking websites to see what people are talking about when it comes to a keyword or topic. The website that has the most Americans talking about it will have the best chances of showing up highest in Google search results. So, these days, SEO is more than just SEO, it’s social marketing and conversing with people through social networking websites as well!

Technique #2: Article Marketing: Another great way that I’ve found for consumers to get their sites to the first page of Google is through article marketing. Article marketing is one of the oldest ways to process SEO for the purpose of marketing a site and to be honest, you are reading an example of this site marketing technique right now. To process SEO and get a site to the first page of search engines through article marketing, all Americans will need to do is write an article or two about their product, service, industry or company every day. Once Americans write the article, they should put a link to their websites at the bottom. When the link to the site is there, Americans should simply submit their article or articles to a few top ranked article directory websites. Websites much like the one people are reading this article from are perfect!

Technique #3: Rotating Content: Finally, as people go about marketing their sites and processing SEO, they will constantly hear that content is king. This is absolutely the case. Google knows that if Americans read an article today, chances are, the information in that article will be outdated in just a few weeks. With that said, Google looks to display sites that have content changes often. Generally, consumers who own sites should add a page or an article to their site each and every day. The Americans who do constantly add content to their websites will notice that their sites will rank higher and higher with each new article or page their add to their websites!

I hope that I’ve answered any questions that Americans may have had about this topic. For more information on this topic, please feel free to click one of the links below!

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The Best Back Link Building Strategies

It is no secret that more people own sites today than ever before. The truth is, people simply want to be able to make their living at home with a profitable site. However, making a site profitable does not seem to be that simple for most people giving it a try. The good news is that it can be! When it comes down to it, all Americans have to do is get Google to recognize their website as a reliable source of information. To do so, consumers simply need to build back-links to their websites that will count as votes in the eyes of Google. Here are a few great back-link building techniques.

#1: Article Marketing – The first and by far most effective back-link building technique is called article marketing. Article marketing is the process of writing articles about a site, product, service, industry or niche and submitting the articles to high quality directories. Therefor, when people would like to start building links to their websites, the first thing they should do is write a few articles. At the bottom of each article, Americans should include a couple of back-links to their websites. These links will allow people to find the site by clicking on them. More importantly, Google will find these links and use them to help build relevance in the website they point to!

#2: Forum Marketing – The next way that Americans can build links to their websites is through the process of forum marketing. Forums are special sites that allow consumers to post questions publicly. These special sites also allow consumers to answer questions posted by other consumers. When Americans would like to start the process of forum marketing, they should simply find a few forum websites that focus on the topic that their websites focus on. Once the forums are found, all consumers have to do is start answering questions. At the end of each answer, these people should place a link that points to their website.

#3: Social Networking – Finally, we have what is called social networking. It is no secret that social networks have become incredibly powerful online. The truth is, consumers love social networks! Due to the mutual love consumers share for social networks, Google uses them when it comes to ranking sites in their search engines. Simply put, the more consumers talk about your website, the higher your website will show up in search results when people search for products or services within your industry. To get Americans to start talking about a site, all consumers will need to do is start conversations in social networks with their
friends. When the time is right, these Americans should bring up their websites in the conversation and ask their friends to share it with their friends. That’s it! Going social is really that simple!

Well, that’s it for today. I hope this article has helped to answer questions that several Americans had about building links to their websites. For more information on this topic and topics like it, please feel free to click one of the back-links below!

This article was written by the proud owner, founder and marketer for many leading websites! Here are a couple of links that I think you may be interested in…

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Ways You Can Get A Website To The Top Of Google

If you are one of the quite a few Americans that currently owns a site, chances are, you are looking for the best ways to drive people to your website. The simple fact is, without Americans visiting the website, you make no money! One of the best ways to get consumers to visit a site is to have the site placed in prime positioning on Google so that when Americans search, they are able to find the site. However, getting a site placed in competitive rankings on Google seems to be a challenge for several. Here are the steps to ensuring that a site is visible to Americans through Google:

Step #1: Update Daily: The first thing that Americans should do when trying to make their websites visible to and get better rankings on Google is update content daily. The simple fact is that if you put content on your site for Americans to read today, chances are, that content will be irrelevant to people very shortly. This is no secret and Google tracks this when placing sites in their results. With that said, by updating daily, consumers are more likely to find your site because Google will put a higher level of relevance on your site for the keywords that will help people to find your website.

Step #2: Update Meta Data: The next thing that people should do when trying to make their sites visible to Google and the Americans searching is update meta data. Meta data are short lines of codes that Americans can place on their site that are more for search engines than consumers. This data allows the search engines to find the keywords for, description of and title of a site that they will place into their search engine. There are also lots of other meta data codes that Americans can put into their website to let Google know who the author of the website is, what the language for the website is, what the rating of the site is and more!

Step #3: Build Links: The final thing that consumers should do when trying to make their sites visible to Google and the consumers searching is to build links to the website. Each link pointing to a site will count as a vote for that website in Google’s eyes. More votes or links for a site means that the
site will rank higher in Google listings. Some of the best ways for Americans to build links to a website are article marketing, forum linking, blog comment
linking and social networking. Please feel free to click one of the links below to find out more about these methods!

I hope that this article has answered any and all questions that people may have had in regards to getting their sites to the first page of Google. The truth is, it takes
a bit of work to get a site to the top of Google but, it’s well worth the efforts that Americans put in. If you would like to learn more about this process or a company that can help
to get websites to the first page of Google, please feel free to click one of the links below!

I hope you enjoyed my work! Please feel free to read more of my work by clicking a link below:

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The Petra Group Great Online Marketing Corporation?

The dream people share these days has changed greatly from the American dream years ago. Today, Americans dream of owning a website that does well enough to allow them to earn money from home and not have to work. In an effort to realize the American dream, many people have looked into the Petra Group for marketing for their sites. As a marketer myself, I am often asked a simple question by consumers, “Is the Petra Group a scam?”. I have done a bit of research and this is what I’ve found:

Reviews and Reports: The first factor that people should do when trying to figure out if a company is a scam is run a check to find the reports. When I did a search for the Petra Group reviews, the first 3 pages of Google where all great reviews about how this company was able to help consumers to get their sites to the first page of Google. I did however find 1 bad review so, I decided to dig a bit further. I found out that this negative review of the website promotion services was actually a competitor when I called the review author and he said he had no idea that was even there. He was also quite adamant that he had never worked with Petra for promoting his site. Therefore, if there are any REAL people upset with the Petra Group’s website marketing service, they aren’t talking about it online.

Terms: The next thing that Americans should pay attention to when trying to figure out if a company is a scam is the terms of service. In most cases, scam companies that promise people their websites will be on the first page of Google ask for a long term commitment and no guarantees. So, I called Petra in regards to their website promotion services and the terms that people would have to agree to if they wanted to start marketing their site with Petra. I found that the Petra Group does provide a 100% money back guarantee and all website marketing services are month to month with the option for Americans to cancel at any time. Simply put, that doesn’t quite sound like a scam to me!

Effectiveness: Finally, when consumers are trying to figure out if a site promotion company is a scam, they need to figure out a little bit about the effectiveness of the website marketing. To do so, I asked the Petra Group for a few names of clients so that I could search. Instead, they set me up with a free website promotion demonstration. After a week, they called to show me the marketing they had completed. My website, was officially position 2 for the keyword skymiles credit card offers on Google. Now that is effective site promotion!

So, after my review, I am confident in telling consumers that the Petra Group is absolutely without a doubt, not a scam! As a matter of fact, they provide incredible website promotion services for an incredibly low cost. If you are interested in their website marketing services, I will place a link to their site at the bottom of this article. Please feel free to click this link to learn more.

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The Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Are you one of the many people that owns a website? If so, you know that having a site isn’t enough! To make any money, you will need to drive people to your website. The best way to drive consumers to your website is to make sure that your website shows up on the first page of Google. The simple fact is, it’s almost impossible for people to find your site if it isn’t listed in the search engines or they don’t know the domain name for your site. Here are the top 3 search engine optimization techniques to ensure that Americans are able to find your site:

Technique #1: Article Marketing: By far, the best search engine optimization technique is the process of article marketing. Article marketing is the process of writing articles about your product, service, company, website or industry and submitting these articles to the top article directory websites online so that Americans can find them. It is important that you leave a back-link at the bottom of each article that points people to your website. This link will not only point Americans to your website but, it will count as a vote to ensure that your website shows up well in search engines! When doing article marketing, it is best for you to write 2 to 5 articles per day directly or indirectly about your site and post them for people to find on a daily basis!

Technique #2: Social Networking: The next best SEO strategy is the process of social networking. I’m sure you know what social network websites are. They are site platforms that allow consumers to socialize with one another through posts, messages and instant messaging systems. Because social networking sites have become so popular amongst Americans, search engines go to these websites to find out what people are talking about. If you can get consumers to talk about your site in social networking websites, your website will show up better in search engines.

Technique #3: Forum And Blog Linking: Finally, the 3rd best search engine optimization strategy out there is called forum and blog back linking. This is the process of getting back links to your site placed on websites owned by other people. The two best ways to build back-links to your website outside of social networking and article marketing is forum and blog back linking. Starting with forums, this is the process of using forum sites to answer questions posted by people about your industry. After each answer, you should simply leave a link to your site. Also, blogs are sites made up of tons of articles. Most blog website owners will allow consumers to comment on their articles and link to their sites from the comments. These back links from blog sites are also very valuable!

That’s it, if you do all 3 of these strategys for your website, I am positive that your site will eventually be found on the first page of Google. To learn more about SEO, please feel free to click one of the back links below!

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Local Promoting Made Simple

Are you one of the many Americans that operates a local company? If so, like most other consumers in your position, you are looking for great ways to marketing your product or service to the local people that need it. There are several ways for people to marketing their products or services to other local people however, the best way by far is for those that own a company to get their business listed on the first page of Google! Here are the steps that consumers should take to make this happen:

Step #1: Build a site: Let’s face it, these days, we live in the internet age. When Americans want to find something out, they don’t go to their phone book or call 411, they go to Google! To ensure that Americans are able to find you when they go searching online for information about your product or service, you are going to need a site for your business. The better your site, the better your chance of attracting Americans. There are several sites that specialize in well, helping people like yourself to build sites using templates. Therefore, to get a site in front of the Americans looking for you, simply search on Google for, “Build a website free”!

Step #2: Talk about your site: Now that you have a site, to get Americans to visit it, you are going to need to do a few things. First off, you will want to talk to consumers about your website. Of course, you want to bring your website up when you have conversations with new consumers about just about anything but, more importantly, you want to talk about your website on social networks. Social networks are websites that allow people to socialize by sending messages back and fourth, posting on walls, instant messages and more! Because social network websites have become so popular amongst people, Google and other search engines look through these sites to find out what people are talking about. If your website comes up in conversations by consumers often, you will show up better in search engines.

Step #3: Build links to your website: Finally, it’s time to make sure that the search engines like Google display your website to the people that are searching for information. To do so, you have to optimize your site for search. There are lots of ways to do this but, the best way is by building links to your website. You can build links to your site through various methods like writing articles for other sites, answering questions on forum websites and leaving comments on blog posts for other websites. The more links you have pointing to your site, the more people will be able to find you in search engines!

If you do all of this for your business, I am sure that your company will flourish as a result of the hard work on your site. To learn about a great local marketing company, please feel free to click one of the links below!

I hope you enjoyed my work! Please feel free to read more of my work by clicking a link below:

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Quite A Few Factors Google Are Looking

These days, the American dream isn’t quite what it was years ago. You know, years ago, consumers used to dream of owning property and simply making enough cash to keep it sustained. However, these days, people demand more! These days, consumers dream of the ability not to only own a home and make enough cash to sustain it, people these days dream of having the ability to work from home. Many people look to the internet as a way to work from home. However, people don’t make any cash if other consumers can’t find their websites. Therefore, it’s important for people to know what Google looks for when they market their sites. Here are a few factors that consumers should pay close attention to when it comes to optimizing their sites:

Factor #1: Title And Meta Tags: The first thing that Google looks for when deciding which websites will be shown to Americans through their search engine is the title and meta tags. As a matter of fact, a couple of these tags appear directly in the listing for the site they where found on. For example, when Americans update their title tag, they will notice that the title link on Google for their websites has been updated as well. This is the same for meta description tags that people put on their websites.

Factor #2: Content: Next, when Americans use sites as a way to make money online, a big factor is content. Content is what the internet is all about! The content is the information that a website gives people so, it’s of course the most important factor associated with sites. The truth is, if people write content today for their websites, chances are, in a few months, that content will be outdated and Google knows this. Therefore, Americans who update the content on their websites often, daily if possible will notice better placements in Google and the other major search engines!

Factor #3: Links: Finally, although this part isn’t found directly on websites owned by Americans, it is important that there are a good amount of links linking into the websites that consumers would like to be found on Google. In Google’s eyes, each link pointing to a site counts as a vote for that site. The more votes Americans are able to obtain for their websites, the higher their websites will rank in Google. Some of the best ways for consumers to build links to their websites are article marketing, answering questions in forum websites and socializing on social networking websites!

Although, these are the 3 most important factors as far as Google is considered when it comes to sites, they are not the only factors that are important. The truth is, no one knows all the factors that Google uses to decide rankings. However, I have found that when I took care of all 3 of these factors, my site did much better. For more information on this topic, please feel free to click one of the links below!

This article was written by the proud owner, founder and marketer for many leading websites! Here are a couple of links that I think you may be interested in…

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Promote Your Business – 8 Steps to Success!

1. Get listed

This is one of the most basic methods of business promotion. List yourself in as many business directories, yellow pages, and local business Websites as you can find. Many of these will list your company for free, though some might require you to pay a small fee. This type of promotion is well worth the time and investment, as most people consult these publications when looking for a designer, plumber, electrician etc. You see the point.

2. Contacts

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. This little phrase holds a great deal of water in the small-scale Web design industry. When you’re first starting out, you’ll find that a lot of your work comes in via word of mouth promotion. It’s therefore very important to make connections early. Do a few free sites for local charities, community groups and organisations – this is a great way to build up your portfolio and also spread your name around potential client firms. Eventually you’ll be approached by ‘a friend of a friend of so-and-so’ who wants a site designed. This is an example of ‘viral marketing’ and is one of the most effective methods you can use to promote any business.

3. Your Business Website

This site is it – your big chance to knock the socks off of your potential clients! Here’s your opportunity to show them what you can do, to tell them exactly how your company can help them and why they should choose you over the competition. Never forget that first impressions count, and if your portfolio isn’t the best you can make in terms of design, layout and content, you’re selling yourself short straight away.

A Website for your business is very important. Hey, it’s what you do, isn’t it? Aim for a crisp, clean design that emphasises your professionalism and skill. Give your potential clients as much information as you think they’ll need. Remember, this is most likely going to be your first point of contact with a potential client, and could determine right away whether or not the contract goes to your company, or Joe Bloggs Inc down the road.

4. The Almighty Business Card

Yes, we’re living in the 21st century, and yes, it’s the digital era, the age of technology, the future and all that, but let’s be honest: nothing beats a business card for quick, effective promotion.

Let’s take an example: You’re out with some friends at a suave local get-together. You start chatting to a friend of a friend; the topic of conversation turns (as always) to work; she asks what you do; you tell her you build Websites for a small to medium sized companies in your area. Eureka! It turns out she’s the owner of Jane’s Boutique, a fashionable designer clothing outlet in town. What’s more, she’s been toying with the idea of investing in an e-commerce enabled Website for her business, so she can accept orders online and break into mail order. This gets better and better. So you tell her you’d certainly be interested in helping her out (for a fee of course) and that she should give you a call. Now, do you:

A. Scribble your details on a napkin that she’s most likely going to pull out of her pocket and blow her nose on without realising what it is, or

B. Pass her one of your high quality, professionally printed business cards that contains every method to contact you imaginable, including of course the URL of your business Website, which she’ll place in her purse and most likely use to contact you?

The moral of the story? Sometimes, the old-fashioned methods work best.

5. Advertise

Of course, you could always go the traditional route and advertise. Targeted advertising is the key here; billboards and the sides of buses simply won’t cut it. Try placing an advert in the local newspaper, or target your market even further by advertising in publications specifically published for small business owners in your local area. These will vary depending on where you are and what the local economy is like, so take some time to research the various advertising mediums available before you commit yourself to anything.

6. Free Gifts, Bribery and Smarm

This method does take some capital investment to start with, but can yield good results if it’s done properly and is correctly targeted. Invest in some branded mouse-mats, pens, coasters etc to promote your business. Try to aim for items that executives would keep on their desks. Desk calendars are especially good for this purpose because they’ll be in use for a whole year if you’re lucky, and cardboard ones are fairly inexpensive. The advantage of these items over traditional business cards is that they’re more likely to be kept, plus your contact/business information generally remains on open view, as opposed to being in a wallet, purse or filing system somewhere.

This will help get your company name and details out to your target audience, and will hopefully get your name and details seen by the right people.

7. Dealing Effectively with the Public

Dealing with people is very, very, very, very important in Web development or indeed any other type of consultancy work. How you deal with potential and existing clients can be just as important as your level of technical skill or design competency. Remember: your clients are the reason you’re in business — without them you might as well pack up and start selling vacuum cleaners door to door. Treat your clients with patience and respect, and try as hard as you possibly can to make them happy.

Besides the obvious, it’s also a good idea to interact with your clients on a more personal level. Ask them how they are when you meet them, and send them a thank you card when a project is completed. Christmas cards, frequent project updates and other little niceties can make a client feel valued, wanted and appreciated, which will probably lead them to offer you more work in the future, or refer you on to other potential projects. If they do refer you to another paying client, remember to say “thank you”.

8. Your Brand Image

You do have a brand image, right? The establishment of a brand is a key factor in any business’s promotional activities. Create a corporate image for your company, and incorporate it into all your stationary, documents and business Website — these techniques echo professionalism and class. If done well and designed in-house, it can also be a good way to demonstrate your design skills. Business stationery is al so worth a mention here. It’s well worth designing at the very least a professional looking letterhead and invoice that you can use to correspond with and bill clients.


Getting your business name recognised in appropriate circles is one of the biggest hurdles a fledgling company is going to face, but with a little fore-thought and some shameless self-promotion it’s not as hard to get noticed as you may think. Good luck, and happy promoting!